looking for help:how could i use OpenGL in 64bit?

i want to use OpenGL in my program,and my os is vista 64bit,IDE is VS2008.How should i set the lib?
Is the opengl32.lib could be used for 64bit program?And the glew.lib will be recomplied?


oh,thx for your help.
and then ,i have another question: how about the other lib(s),for example:glew32.lib,glut.lib ect…?

Glew’s source code is available so compile a 64 bit version.
GLUT’s code is not but there are others like freeGLUT and SDL.

yes,i hace compiled the Glew in 64 bit version.
but i still can’t find a lib like glut which could used in 64bit os. and i didn’t find the freeGLUT’s code,so i just have the freeGLUT in 32bit version…

You can find freeglut source here: http://freeglut.sourceforge.net/index.php#download