Looking for experienced OpenGL programmers.

Hello. My name is Andy Matuschak, and I am president of Mirror Image Productions. We started out about a year ago, and our first game is done, and should be on store shelves in January 2001. (Its name is Planetary Apocalypse). Since production for this game is mostly done, we’ve begun to think about the next game. It will be very advanced, and I don’t think our programmers can tackle it alone. That is why I have sent a request for help out to the OpenGL community. I must add this warning, this will be a very advanced game, I am not looking for newbies. I’m not even completely sure if this is possible. =) If you wish to respond, send an email to captainwoof@geocities.com, or talk to me on agora.afternet.org #mirrorimage Thank you.

PS. Of course, you’d get paid.

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