Looking for complete opengl 3.1 example code

I guess the title says it all.

It’s hard to search for the subject since it is so common words. Anyway, I have good insight in how to work with regular opengl 1 and 2(series) but it would be nice to see a complete example of code that uses new features and gives and insight into “best practices”.

Any takers? Links?

there is not that much more new gamechanging stuff in 3.0 and 3.1, it’s mostly a bunch of new texture formats and old extensions that has been promoted to core.

The big new thing is the Deprecation Model in where a lot of features has been removed.

Best practice, well it’s recommended that you use vertex buffers, shaders and FBOs for everything, also that you stay away from most “fixed function stuff” though in 3.1 that’s not really a problem since most of that stuff has been removed.

as for tutorials, i have a few tutorials on my site (http://www.flashbang.se) for shaders, fbos and most recently VAO with more to come.

Thanks for the answer. I am aware of that gl3 is not that different from earlier versions if you already use buffers and shaders. I still think it would be nice with a complete code example of a familiar app written with these changes in mind though.

Maybe I should write it myself and make it available since I guess there are a few others that could use this information. I’m thinking of a simple app implemented using GLUT or SDL, that mirrors something familiar, perhaps from the red book.

So wrote small example for starting out. I’m using a Mac so I don’t have access to real gl3 for the time being. Anyway take a look at http://www.cfwdesign.se/gl3-tutorials/ if you want.

Hi all,

I have uploaded some basic OpenGL 3.1 and GLSL 1.4 samples on my webpage:
OpenGL 3.1 GLSL 1.4 samples
For windowing and initialization, I use GLUT and GLEW.

Cheers Norbert

PS: All tested with my NVIDIA GTX 280 :smiley: