Looking for bpi files

Ive been out of the programming loop for a little while now and decided to pick it up again. In the past I used Borland C++ Builder 5 to program OpenGL. I found some old notes to get started again but every time I go to compile it asks me to find package import and is looking for a bpi file. What am I missing? Thanks

Hi, fellow BCB user but with PRO 4 :stuck_out_tongue: .

In BCBPro4 the examples include a OpenGL port. There are no BPI files but you need to have #include <GL/gl.h> #include <GL/glu.h> headers in cpp files for calling OpenGL functions and methods. (No OpenGL BPI components in BCB4pro)

BUILD Version: 0004
Copyright © 1985-96, Microsoft Corporation
Module Name:
Procedure declarations, constant definitions and macros for the OpenGL component.

The include statements should allow you to get the \Include\Gl subdirectory and its header files listed above which are then built into your exe/dll/wateva for calling to OpenGL drivers installed on ones system.

However I too would like an update to my current BCB using OpenGL 1.2 so if there are any BPL for OpenGL2, etc (or even delphi) then please post up the links - with thanks in advance. (need a name of BPL/BPI, lib, etc)

It sounds as if you have a component on your form for OpenGL which when compiled is missing.

You could try to build the exe/dll/wateva without packages (smaller file) or try searching the \Lib subdirectory for the BPI file its asking for (if you have the component on form then you should have the required BPI installed to the \lib sub folder).

If your prompted for the component on start-up then its not installed in the \lib subdirecotry which isn’t a problem in your case (instead having problem in compile)

My version of BCB has no component for OpenGL so I have to use the Include statements and program in a non-rad/ide environment(can only use c++).


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