looking for a very simple Game


I am a newbie in opengl and i am looking for a very simple game writen using OpenGL GLUT, I want the game idea to be very simple that i can also modify or add new things to the game ,
so can anyone help


that’s a little broad…any specific genre? RTS? FPS? side-scroller?


Hi what do u mean by RTS ,FTS etc… can u explain pls. i am so novice and new to opengl , so i need something so simple …


Hi, Try searching for glTron it is an OpenGL tron game. Sorry I don’t have a URL for it, but if you can’t find it from your favorite search engine you can try http://www.freshmeat.net or http://www.happypenguin.org
glTron at one time was quite possibly the simplest OpenGL game one could make. I think alot has been added to it though. If it has evolved too much, you might try looking for an older version.

By the way,
RTS = Real Time Straegy (Age of Empire, Sacrifice)
FPS = First Person Shooter (Counter-Strike, Quake III)

Good luck.


a couple of simple/crappy ones are on my site

Hi All

thanx all and Zed can u give me ur Site URL,

waiting for more advices, bear in mind i am new to opengl —>novice


Hi this me again

forget to tell u i need the very simple game not to play with it, NO , I need a very simple game with it’s source code so i can understand how games work, and further more to see if i can add or modify any thing in the game sorce code to grasp the idea of game programming

so pls. bear that in mind

my sites adreess is in my profile (click on one of the buttons above me name ) also most programs come with source code