looking for a simple sphere .obj file

hello, im trying to build a simple 3d model of our solar system useing JOGL.
i allready wrote a parser that can read .obj files and create arrays of vertexes and normal for me and i can allready draw the 3d object to the screen.

now all i need is the object, and getting it has turned out to be harder i thought, (tryied to google it from every direction),

so can anyone here help with that ?
what i need is a really basic and simple sphere, no texture or anything fency…


If you are able to read vertices and normals why are you having trouble on reading the list of indices?

There; radius 1.0f ; with texcoords and normals:

You can directly replace the texture with maps like:

I suggest that you download Blender.
Model a sphere with it and export to OBJ format.

Why don’t you just use the gluSphere routine?

great !, :slight_smile: thats exactly what i was looking for,
many thanks to you and everybody else how tryied to help.

i will definitelly check out blender and the gluSphere solution as well,

in the meantime i created a model of an icosahedron to use when the planets are far from the camera (calulated manually all its 20 faces, it took a while …)