Looking for a decent 3d city model...

Hello all,

I am looking for a decent 3d city model. No animation needed.

Before I go and learn how to use Blender ( did I mention that I am newbie? :slight_smile: ) to create one by my self, I tried to look for one on the web. For free.
To my surprise - I could not find one. Not even a simple one.

If any one knows of such a model available on the net - that would be of great help.

I need a model in ms3d format ( Trying to avoid getting my hands dirty with that Blender :slight_smile: ).
In any other case I’ll have to load it to Blender and export as ms3d via an external converter.

Thanks in advance,

Yours is a 3D database question and not an OpenGL question. You need to find an online forum appropriate for your inquiry.