LookAt Opengl on Android


I am Using the Android OpenGL. I would like to Know what append when the CenterY of the LokkAT function is changed.

It look like there is a rotation around the Eyes position. And when i change The EyeY the rotation is around the Center point difine in the Look At.

Thanks for the answer. I need Clarification for the LookAt function.

Hi again,

So after more than 3 weeks full time investigation i found out that the LookAt function Of OpenGl Android is wrong. It does not lookAt the center.

I was wondering why DirectX was succeful. But i know why now. When you LookAt [0,1,0] In fact you are still looking at [0,0,0] While the ratation point is at [0,1,0].

It is the mess. The idea of having 2 ratation point, One for Eyes and 1 for cabter is a good idea as long as the implementation is done correctly. Center would be nice with translation like Eyes.

Does someone got i correct implementation of LokkAt ?

Regards Hterrolle

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