Look at that! (forum title)

It now also includes GLFW in the list of toolkits - A small tap on the keyboard, a giant step for GLFW.

So while I’m at it, here is the latest status of the GLFW v2.0 pre-release:

  • LCC-Win32 compiler now supported
  • Some Makefile/source file bugs that prevented compiling under Unix were killed
  • Improved readme-file (detailed compilation instructions)
  • Top-level makefile for all supported systems => very easy compilation

So I will only have to finish the web-page, and we’re final!

The link is as usual: http://hem.passagen.se/opengl/glfw


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Congrats Marcus, you’re now on par with Mark Kilgard and the others!

Actually I looked at GLFW and it seems great. I particularly like the fact that glfw apps do not require a dll to run. You can actually distribute a whole app in under 100 Kb.

I compiled the lib and demos by renaming makefile.msvc to makefile.mak and opening it in MSVC, which did all the work for me. Is this the best way to do it? If so, why not rename makefile.msvc to makefile_msvc.mak in the distribution? Newbes like me take a long time to figure out simple things like that…

Did you read the readme file? I’m one of those shell-nerds who detest IDEs, so I set up a common way to compile the whole lot from a common makefile (in the GLFW root directory), regardless of compiler. If you do not have a Makefile in the root catalog of GLFW, download it again (new version since yesterday)…

Well, anyway, I’m not very familiar with MSVC. I’ll see if I can come up with a good solution for you IDE-guys!