Long time opengl developer trying to build first ever glx skeleton


i was hoping i might be able to garner some support, and better yet it appears there is no need to register in this forum.

i’m a long time opengl developer, and not entirely new to linux… but for a long time i shied away from linux as a development platform due to its seemingly weak development environment. but now i’m looking to serious port my work, which includes a custom ide, to debian linux tooth and nail whatever it takes.

right now, i’m just trying to build an empty glx framework including:

glx.h gl.x xf86vmode.h and keysym.h

i get a sleiu of errors that look like:

: undefined reference to ‘_XFlush’
usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86vm.a(XF86VMode.o)(.text+0x27e3): in function 'XF86VidMode

the form is always the same, but obviously the functions and files change.

basically every error is of this form best i can see off hand.

can someone please explain this too me.

i’ve been working with win32 just out of practicality… as much of my code base is from scratch (c++), and the rare win32 code is well wrapped.

if i can just modify the wrapper to support xf86 then everything else should follow with relative ease.

i would greatly apreciate anyone willing to help me over this hump.



i should probably add that my system is running on an nvidia card with modern nvidia drivers, and all of the debian ‘sarge’ 2.6 packages related to general x development have been installed… i’m assuming the drivers libraries and headers were installed by the nvidia driver script… they all seem to be there. -michael

Did you link against the X11 library as well?
If this doesn’t help try to change the order of the libraries when you specify them for the linker.

i’m afraid i have little hands on experience with ‘make’ files at this point. thats not to say that i’ven’t read many make tutorials in the past, i’ve even read the ‘autobook’ cover to cover, but because of the large size of my projects i’ve always put off the idea of manually constructing a make file in favor of a system like the msvc ide.

first i should say though that i’m using these resources here to attempt the build:


so i figure the reason the build is not successful is due to my linux environment. not having the proper files or not having themn their proper directors, or having a mismatch between libraries and headers or different libraries, i don’t know.

could someone try to explain what the errors i mentioned in the last post means and what program they are comming from… i can’t find anything general on such errors on the internet.

i really apreciate any support that might be levied… i’m accustomed to no or a minimal and likely fragrantly unhelpful response whenever seeking refuge on the internet, so whatever of anyone’s effort that might be spared i’m indebted.

and as far as explanations are concerned, it is probably safe to say that on such matters my experience is very limited, so it is probably best to keep explanations as explicit as possible.

essentially i’m an opengl/c++ programmer who has been working with the crutches of windows ides and i’m trying to make a smooth as possible transition into a linux development environment. i’ve read a fair amount of material on ‘make’ conventions but because i’ve never had a practical oppertunity to apply my readings i remain well fundamentally unexperienced i’m afraid.

so i shall not keep anyone any further.



it would appear on second glance that the error:

: undefined reference to ‘_XFlush’
usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86vm.a(XF86VMode.o)(.text+0x27e3): in function 'XF86VidMode

is actually more apropriately displayed as such:

: undefined reference to ‘_XFlush’
usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86vm.a(XF86VMode.o)(.text+0x27e3): in function ‘XF86VidMode GetGammaRamp’:

it seems that the colons are delimiters.

it also seems that during linking a library envokes a function from another library which cannot be successfully bound.

also all of the errors are in X libraries, that is to say there are none in glx.h or gl.h.

they are all libgl or libX*, mostly libgl.



nevermind, it seems that gl.h and glx.h are defined in libgl. i’m really at a loss of coherent action. -michael

i eventually found my solution here:


my connection is very bad right now, i will try to say more later.

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