lod bias changing under voodoo4/5

anyone happen to know how to change texture lod bias parameters in code with voodoo4/5 hardware ? (is this contained to some 3dfx extension or something)
(i know it is possible because you can switch that from display settings)
Thank you.

This should not be stupid question/ so this is difficult question ? anyone
(i know voodoo4/5 is old card, but i wanna just support those anyway)

Not everything that is possible in display settings is also possible in code. 3DFX never supported OpenGL well, so it might be that it is just not possible.

I have to admit that I don’t know what “changing the texture lod bias parameters” is, but to me it sounds like it is a special feature that only voodoo cards can do. That means when you use this feature just to support old voodoo cards, it will break compatibility with other cards…

But as I said, I don’t know what this feature is about, so I might be completely wrong.

If it supports EXT_lod_bias (or the later versions) just use that. If it doesn’t support that, bad luck.