Local Coordinates Orientation (GLScene related)

Hi all,

Due to the server-down issue in glscene NG, I post the problem here, and hoping that someone familiar with Glscene project will answer it.

I need to set the child Direction, Up and Right vectors to point at the user defined value, if the object is not owned that 's if it doesnt have a parent everything is normal because Glscene doesn’t have to calculate the absolute vectors, but in my case object has parent and GLScene implements these three vectors( which so far I couldn’t figured out how) to get the final absolute direction, up and right vectors.

My question is :
What should I set to child vectors before child/parent assignemt to
get the resulting direction, up, and right vectors of child object
to point at user defined value?

For example :
After the child/parent assignment I need to get Up vector of child to point at negative Y axis (0,-1,0).

thanks in advance

If an object have a parent and you want to set an absolute vectors for it, do that
ChildObject.AbsoluteDirection := SomeDirVector;
ChildObject.AbsoluteUp := SomeUpVector;
ChildObject.AbsoluteRight := SomeRightVector;

Damn It, Thanks in advance
I was expecting “left side can not be assigned” by the compiler complaint but I’m really stunned! Isn’t that AbsoluteX read-only property?

BTW Do you know what’s wrong with GLScene newsgroup ?

Yes, it is not read-only properties :wink:

Poul van Dinther (administrator of GLScene) wrote:

The news server we have used so far is privately owned. I am amazed we got this far.
Give it a little longer. That server has been down before.

In the past I tried to move the newsgroups to google Newsgroups but the limitations at the time for file attachments were terrible. I am not sure what it is like at the moment. Maybe time to re-evaluate.

Meh, on the Embarcadero has already created a few topics about this, but nobody knows what to do :frowning: