Loading X 3d files: How? Where can I get this?

Is there a routine or lib somewhere that can show an example? Or load 3ds files. I need an example of a 3d model loader.

I have good free C sources from view3DS by David Farrell. They contain all the logic to parse and load 3DS files.

I’m using them inside a personal version of 3DS viewer on WinNT.

You can look for the original project on the net or, if you prefer, I can send you the code.

I’m interested in that too. It would help me in the proyect I’m working on. If you could please send me the code or post the URL to find it I would be very glad.

I’m also interensted in the code you talked about.Could you please send me a copy?
Many thanks.

If you’re looking for source code to load 3DS files, there’s lots of information out there. For example: http://lib3ds.sourceforge.net/ http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uli2/


Sorry, I’v made a mistake on my email address. It’s lijz@sina.com.
Please send me a copy of your code to read 3DS files.

Many thanks.

There is atleast one good sample at http://www.wotsit.org, which also has a HUGE reference on all chunks in 3DS files. Check it out too.

It is also very useful the 3DS Library at http://lib3ds.sourceforge.net/. It’s very easy to use and to understand.

I have tested it and it works with GCC and MSVC.