Loading Vertex Data

Hi all

Is there anyway to extract the Vertex and Texture data from a 3D Studio Max file. I know that i can export to raw format and get the Vertexes but i would like the texture data as well, i am not to bothered about the Normal data as i can generate this from the Vertexes.

While I am asking is there a way of extracting the Bone data and frame animation, key frames etc.

Basically what the first question is, is to let me design levels and export the data to file and the build a Bsp tree with it. The second question is to let me design characters so any useful type of data format would be nice.

Thanks for you time 3DG

Again Hello all OpenGL programmers

The Question I posed above well had no answers sadly, anyway the first question I have found I have the managed to extract the vertex, normal, texture co-ordinates out of as 3d Studio file, which is nice.

But my second question still stands can the animation and bone data be extracted from a 3d Studio max file, I am sure there is some tool out there that can achieve this task so does anyone know of one?

Thanks for your time in advance 3DG