loading .TGA and bitmap

hello everybody

i am loading .TGA file along with bitmap files . teh bitmap files r loaded oK but when .TGA
files r loaded they are in very bad shape that is its look like they have lost too much information
the resolution iis quite bad. can any one help me out

Nope, at least not without looking at the code, most tga files are very easy to load, if it doesn’t work there could be two problems, the tga files are incorrect or the code that loads the tga files are incorrect, I would guess on the later.

I think the NeHe tutorials has a tga loader if I remember correct


SpaceTime supports TGA and BMP formats. Check out the Mesh3DS sub-project, and then LoadTGAfile (I think).

I have experienced bad results with tga files. i think they dont look as good as bitmaps and they are slightly larger if they are uncompressed

I haven’t noticed any distortion of tga files when loading them.

I have noticed that tga are much better, as they support 32 bits. Just saying.
bmp files comppressed? I have not heard of it.
With that said, you do not want bmp in a game.

I have an image viewer for tga up on my site… It is design to ease the integration of other formats, such as bmp!

La Mancha.

Check out Devil/OpenIL.