Loading objects and textures

I was wondering how i can load 3d objects into a 3d space and then put textures on, I was thinking there might be a set of functions that load 3ds objects or others automatically ??

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The set of functions you’re looking for are not provided bu opengl(as it’s too low-level for that) so you’ll either have to write them yourself or find suitable libraries. I suggest you take a look at the first tuorials on nehe.gamedev.net to get an idea about what opengl can and can’t do.

i know what it can and cant, my post reads nothing about GL, you just assumed i was talking about that. I was asking for a function or class or library something, I havent yet found a good tutorial or library good for loading textures and objects, mainly that should have been my question. Are there any Linux libraries that load objects and textures easily ?? or even any good tutorial.

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Actually i just went to Nehe’s site after reading your post and it seems that he did a few changes from what i remember, it seems to be pretty good now, when i looked at it it didnt have code for linux for a lot of the examples.

i know what it can and cant, my post reads nothing about GL, you just assumed i was talking about that.

It seems like I did,… but then again this is a GL forum.
About the libraries you’re looking for though:
For textures you can use DevIL to read in images. Specifying the textures is pretty easy after this and DevIL probably has simple functions for that as well.
For objects you could either use lib3ds to read in 3ds files and write some code to draw them or use a tool to export a model to C code and include that in your project directly. I don’t know of any library that can simply load and render a model.

Now that I think of it you might want to look into a 3d engine like crystal space. There should be everything you need in there and you won’t have to write any code either.

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oooww sweet thats actually what i was hoping to hear, 3ds files is what i had in mind, actually so far i have been using this windows utility that converts 3ds to c files but i havent figured out how to use the C file to draw the objects, i have maped the coordinates with various GL shapes but never did i successfully drew the colours.

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