Loading models

I’ve seen various mentions of being able to load models from .c and .cpp files and even a few programs that export models this way. But I’ve looked at the resulting files and I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to do with all this information once I have it in. Mainly, there are WAY more normals listed than there are vertices. ??? And am I supposed to compile this file with my app or is there some kind of run-time loading that can be done? Also, how in the world do I identify which textures are used on which faces and load them accordingly? Or is this not even supported by the format? I’m sorry but I’m very new to OpenGL and am trying to figure out the whole loading of models with textures thing. I guess the biggest thing that confuses me is how to load the proper textures with the models and use them with the right faces. If you know of anyplace where there’s a tutorial on this type of thing, (not NeHe’s text-based modeling tutor but a real modeling format like 3DS,OBJ, etc.) I’d GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks!

Take a look at:


an simple program is 3d explorer http://www.xdsoft.com/explorer/
this enables u to load a model 3ds md2 etc and export the data as a file containing gl commands. very simple to use. its not the best format by far (i can image it doing some huge files) but if u wanna get a model up and running u cant beat it for simplicity

Thanks guys! I’ve start to download 3D explorer so I’m looking forward to that. Also, I appreciate the link to the site! That should help alot too!