Loading and Readying Textures Without the glaux.h Library

For a while now, I’ve been working on a plug-in for Dark Basic Professional (a DirectX based 3D game engine and compiler). Its main use is to wrap all of the functions listed inside of the gl.h header file, and if I can find proper licensing details, the glu.h header file as well. This will allow Dark Basic Professional applications use OpenGL within their programs, using the exact OpenGL command set.

My problem is, I only know how to load and prepare textures using the glaux library, and according to the licensing details in the header, I wouldn’t be able to wrap those commands for use in my plug-in, nor would I be able to use them in other functions (I’m planning to sell my plug-in commercially upon completion).

So, I ask, is there any way to load and ready textures, images, etc for use with the OpenGL commands without the need to use the glaux.h Library? Any useful examples or links would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

[Edit] Also, would anyone know if I would be able to use the glu.h functions in the plug-in as well, without licensing problems or anything? There are a few in their I’d like to include in the final plug-in.

[Edit 2] Well with a bit of hunting, I found the solution with my glaux.h bitmap loading problem at my original source of OpenGL know how, NeHe. Sorry for wasting anyones time with that. But I’m still interested with the licensing info with the glu.h library.