Loading an openflight file using OpenGL

Is there any way i can load an openflight file using OpenGL.if so then plz…can i have the sample code for it

It is quite difficult doing it with pure OpenGL. In my case I use a scene graph (Gizmo3D) to do the loading and storing of structures, and then I can use pure OpenGL and call the scene graph to do the rendering. To get a proper display of an openFlight file takes almost the entire source of a scene graph implementation to do it in OpenGL :wink:

It’s not so easy… ) I have my own reader but it’s not finished now. If you want to write your own go to http://www.multigenparadigm.com and download the description.

what is gizmo3D .Can i make my models using this particular modelling tool.How fast is the rendering using this particular tool and can i call them in opengl code directly.

what is the file extension and can i have the details of the modelling software and can i have the sample code of loading those objects if any available.

sai sudha

Gizmo3D is a commersial package BUT can be used for free on Linux. It can also be used for free in non commersial applications.

It is very fast and can manage most types of scene graph data sets. e.g. OpenFlight files is very suitable to be rendered with Gizmo3D.

It can be used stand alone as a high level of programming graphics or it can be used combined with low level OpenGL. It runs on Win32, Linux, Mac OSX and Irix

Open Scene Graph has a loader for this. It is free on all platforms for all uses and is very fast.