Loading a Blender model


this is my first post in this forum, so maybe I’m not posting in the right section.

I’m new to OpenGL too, I have been able to programatically load a rotating 3D cube and render it using Eclipse’s SWT & LWJGL.

Now I want to do one step more, I want to load from my code a BIG model (well the first one could be small :smiley: ) ¿exported? from Blender .

There’s a way/utility/framework/etc to do that? If so, could somebody tell me what extension to export from Blender?

Thanks a lot.

There’s a way/utility/framework/etc to do that?
Oh, there are many things to allow this. Ogre3D, Irrilicht, Crystal Space, pretty much any 3D engine has a Blender plugin or a Collada plugin that allows use of Blender stuff.

However, if you’re looking for something smaller, you should be looking for a .obj or .X file loader. Blender can (I assume) export these, and they’re fairly common among demo makers/learning programmers. There’s bound to be some source code somewhere for loading them.

Thanks korval, I will navigate from these apps sites.

I have looked in Blender, and you assumed well, it can export to these extensions. .X is labeled “Directx” and .obj is labeled “wavefront”.

I will get documented about these .x loaders?? too