Loading 3DS files

I’ve made a 3DS file loader to render scenes in OpenGL. It loads everything fine but when I modify an objects’s pivot point in 3DStudio MAX I got the object translated and rotated in a very strange way. I thougt my code was wrong, so I spent a lot of time searching documents about this issue. Almost all of them explain how to load 3DS files in the same way, then I tried something. I loaded the 3DS file, which crashes in my program, with “professional” programs, and they don’t place the objects correctly neither. Here comes my question, where could I find a good document on loading 3DS files? Is it possible that only Autodesk knows how to correctly load 3DS files :slight_smile: ?

You can try lib3ds:


I never got to implement animation from .3ds files correctly, but this lib apparently succeeds where I failed.

The best documentation I ever found was in the 3dsftk (google it) but it wasn’t very clear sometimes.