loading 3ds files and converting them to the OpenGL codes

Hi there
I want to load the 3d models in my OpenGL program. I used from the trial version of PolyTrans software. It was so surprising for me. It converts the 3ds files to the OpenGL c codes. But as it’s the trial version, there is many holes in the objects.
1.So can i use from another free application to covert the 3ds files to the OpenGL c code?
2. If it’s not possible, where can i find the best code to load the 3ds files? I need an easy and good code-not a complicated code- to load the 3ds objects. can you give me a suitable link?
Any suggestion?
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lib3ds should be very well.


Look at the demos in order to know how to use it. Also, check the online documentation.

Hope that helps.

Hi Jide
How are you? I have downloaded and extracted it. But now i don’t know that how to use from this library? Have you used it before?

Hi Ehsan,

I’m fine, thank you.

As this is out of the boundaries of the topics of those forums, I’ll email you, if you’re okay for that.

Good idea! My email is opentechno@hotmail.com
please send an email to me. using from such a library is so important for me. :wink: