LoadDIBitmap ?

I’m working throught the OpenGL Superbible, but when I’ try to load textures, I get some error about LoadDIBitmap.

the line is…

bits = LoadDIBitmap(“pot.bmp”, &info) ;

It gives me the same error when I try to load the books example files from the CD.

Any ideas?

Need more info. What is the error message?

I’m not sure (I’m not on lmy home computer at the moment), but its definetely something about the LoadDIBitmap function not being there, or not working properly. Even the examples on the CD do the same. I know that I’ve installed glut and SGOgl correctly, so I dont know whats up.

There are several possible errors and each would require its own solution. It is not clear what is producing the error. Is it the compiler, the linker, or the app? What platform are you compiling on, Win9x, Win2K, Linux, Be, other? When you have access to your computer, post the exact error message you get.

I’ve encountered the same error. After looking through the CD, I saw no sign of the “pot.bmp” file. Try using another *.bmp file instead of the “pot.bmp” file and make sure that the new *.bmp file is in the same directory as this sample program.

I had the same problem. The Bitmap loader and several airplane demos wouldn’t work correctly for me.