little question from a nOOb

(first, I’d like to say that I speak beter French than English, and no almost nothin about OpenGLso please go slow in your answers, thx)

so, I just upgraded from Me to XP…, I play CounterStrike and just installed the Medal of Honor AllAss. demo.

my problems are :
-when I had win ME, I could play CS with OpenGL, but now, I have to play “Direct something”. there’s no problem with graphics when I play, but… I still had to change my video option.
-now, for MoHAA. demo, I can’t even enter the game, it says “could not open openGL, or it has to close OpenGL” in the console…

do I miss something, is it because I have XP and have to d/l a new OpenGL?

please help, thx in advance.

Bon, t’as juste à te downloader des nouveau drivers … t’as juste à aller sur le site du constructeur de ta carte pis ya toute les drivers possibles

merci Aliens, le problème c que ch’suis pas très fort en langage informatique…
mais je vois ce que tu veux dire…