Linux + VooDoo 3 DRI/OpenGL support

I just want to use my VooDoo 3 in Linux.But how to Play games?I installed the newsest XFree Server but GLXInfo shows to acceleration!Do I need additinaly Files?Where to download them?Please Help, I am anewbie

You, may get a better respons in the Linux bord.
Yes you need to do more that just install X, I don’t ues a 3DFX card so I do not know the exact steps that you need to take but you need to have DRI support in the Kernel, for my Nvida card I download a modual for this but I think the support for other card is includes in the kernel base sorce. So compiling it with wht the DIR stuff turnd on may be ok. and you need to make sure you are uesing the right sever modual and the you have Load “GLX” in your cinfig file.

Hope that helped. I know that there are a lot of good hoto docs about this