linux or windows for programming

I am working on LAMP servers, and i use Window. I feel so hard when i use IOS. I want know
Why do some programmers prefer Linux OS instead of Windows or macOS?

I switched to Linux as main OS about 4 years ago and I will probably never switch back to Windows. I still have Windows on my Computer (dual boot) for some Computer games and to test my code for multi-platform compatibility, but for everything else I prefer Linux.

Most of the tools I use (cmake, git, gcc, qtcreator) are also available on Windows. If they are set up, there is almost no difference. The thing is that the setup procedure in Linux is much simpler. You just type “apt-get install EVERYTHING_I_NEED” and thats it. No Installers that must be downloaded and executed. Its the same for uninstalling stuff.
Additionally there are some great open source tools that are not available on Windows. For example valgrind. Its a collection of multiple debugging and code analysis tools. There also comparable programs for Windows, but they are usually non-free.
Then I have two great open source compilers, gcc and clang, which implement new c++ standards quiet fast. Microsoft is usually not that fast ( You can also use gcc via MinGW on Windows, but keeping it up to date is a little bit annoying (installers again).

In general I would say that Linux is much more comfortable for programmers. Especially if you get used to the console. As long as you want to write system independent code, I would always use Linux.

This thread doesn’t have anything to do with OpenGL. Let’s keep the general OS discussions on OS forums.