Linux on notebooks / gf fx mobile / mobile radeon


I am thinking about puchasing a notebook with an “high end” graphics chip. Do any of you have experiences with Linux and OpenGL on such devices? I heard/red about installing linux on them at all, and getting OpenGL to run accelerated etc., so, any experiences? Which one is recommendable? I tend towars gx fx mobile (5200 / 5600 / 5700), will they run with linux? is the 5200 really that bad (I would mainly use it for development purposes)? What about ATI?

So many questions…


I have an ATI radeon 7500 32meg moble on my IBM Thinkpad T40. I did not get the laptop for high end graphics but for school work. I still did put my graphics engine on it as well as Quake III, Return to the Castle Wolfenstien, and Enemy Territory. On my desktop I have a nvidia geforce FX 5900 ultra and I must say even when comparing it to my old nvidia geforce 2 mx the ATI card sux. OpenGL rendered things get choppy(very low FPS) and the quality is pretty bad. I havnt tried any of the newer ATI cards but personally I would go with nvidia, but then agien IBM Thinkpads in my opion are the best made laptops. As for your question about the numbers 5200 is for desktop use 5600/5700 is for high end users that are not willing to pay for the 5900.

The nvidia drivers are definitely better, but they are closed-source if that is an issue for you. I use a Dell Inspiron 8500 with a GeForce Go 4400 and it works great - but no fragment shaders :-(.

I recommend the best nvidia chip you can afford.

Happy Linuxing…

I have a Toshiba Satellite notebook with GeForce 4 Go and it works great!! No problems at all with 3D, only no kernel modules for modem and IrDA --YET-- .

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