Linux + OGL = bad idea?


I’ve recently installed Linux and I’ve tried to compile some examples for awhile, but the compiler (Kdevelop (gcc/g++/gmake?)) it can’t find the Kde libraries/docs, is this the right way or what?

Anyone, plz help me…

Hmm… KDE hasn’t got anything to do with OpenGL actually. It’s more of a desktop environment suite, with a windowmanager and a way of programming applications.
I have in fact myself experienced this perticular problem on some redhat installations because they break up all of KDE’s files (which usually reside in one single directory) and divide them all over /usr.

I would reccommend trying to compile the example directly from the commandline yourself. If they are examples you got somewhere there might be a Makefile (in which case you just do ‘make’, or otherwise you need to do something like ‘gcc -o name_of_app -lGL -lGLU -lGLUT’

– Simmy.

Since you are using KDevelop, when you create a new project, make sure you select “Terminal” as the project type. Then select your language under that (C or C++). Choosing a KDE app or a Qt app will cause KDevelop to put kde and qt libs in the linker options, thus the problems you are having. You don’t need these for an opengl application anyhow. Just create a terminal application, and in the project options, add the GL libs into your linker options and you should be set. KDevelop can be your friend if you know what needs to be done. A nightmare otherwise. I’ve long since gone back to vi and Makefiles for my projects =)