Linux "make install"

I’m trying to install the COLLADA_DOM package ( downloaded from on a linux box.

It builds fine but the ‘make install’ command does not work. The ‘install’ entry seems to be missing in the makefiles. This might be a bug, if it is please tell me so and I will report it, but I don’t think so since according to other posts people seems to have this entry available. Also since the package has been out there for a while I would expect that it would have been reported already.

So what am I missing?

Will the workaround manually moving headers and libraries suffice?

The make install rule is new. It’s available in the latest DOM code in the Subversion repository on SourceForge, but it’s not part of the last official release. Unfortunately the code and documentation have gotten a little out of sync. We should do another release soon.

If you search for ‘install’ in this file you can see how it’s implemented. It copies the headers and static libs to /usr/include/collada and /usr/lib, respectively. It should be updated to install the shared libs instead of the static libs.

If you want to use this, you can either (a) update to the latest code in Subversion, (b) copy the make install rule to the makerules.txt file you have, or (c) wait for the next official DOM release (probably coming around January or so).

Happy coding,

Thank you! That solved the problem!