[LINUX_GLUT-HELP] One window required only

Hi all,
I need help with a little problem I have in my app.
I have the standard main entry point and, inside it, i create the openGL window.
The result is, obviously, the terminal window and the openGL window.

My question is: how could I create only the openGL window?

I know this question seems stupid, but I started programming under windows and now I want to port all my apps under linux, and I’m veeeeeeery tired now :tired:

I’m confused.

  1. Did you create the X terminal?
  2. or do you launch your app in a X terminal?

If 2, just use a graphic file browser and double-click on your app.
(If you use gnome, go to Places->Home Folder)
Or move your app to $HOME/Desktop and if you use gnome or KDE
you should see it on your desktop and be able to launch it by double clicking on it.

ASD, I’m a [censored] n00b :stuck_out_tongue:
I noticed now that the current IDE I’m using ( Code::Blocks ) did not launch my app directly, but first call an x-term instance which calls the compiled result of my project!
So, sorry for getting you confused too !

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