Linux fine, Windows ****?

my programm works fine under Linux (around 40 im per second) and it’s fluid.
But under Windows, even if i have a better framerate, the render hangs many times in a second.
So we could see more than one car when accelerating or breaking.

Studying this, i think it’s a time problem.
why linux time is 1/1000000 second, otherwise windows time is 1/1000 second.
Does that may improper calculations, so the scene is not good ?
Another way is maybe the keyboard link.
What’s the problem ?

Nothing else is running than your OpenGL program, right?
I think that Linux does a better job with virtual memory than Windows and this could maybe explain it. Another explanation could be that more memory is available in Linux if you are running a more basic desktop.

Strange that you get a higher frame rate in Windows.

no programm together.

i don’t think it’s due to virtual memory. with big or less complexity, the scene hangs many time each second.

do you think that time precision is an actor of that problem ?

Is the hanging periodic? Or it looks random? If it is random I doubt it can be related to the timing.

Dou you use GLUT or SDL?

Aren`t your windows drivers with problems?

Do not forget that Linux uses an interpolated timer that is precise to 1 ms, whereas windows uses the hardware clock

For now, i’m using glut. I don’t think it’s a driver problem.
And it’s difficult to say if it’s periodic or not. At the screen, it seems to have more than one car: when i accelerate, the car wants to accelerate more than something could do, so it’s misdrawn. But when the camera turn around the car which has speed equal to zero, there is no hangings,nor break at display.

i’ve posted the same message in the advanced forum.
some other answers are given, but that’s not a corrective

Now, i have to seek a better time doing under Linux.
better than GetTimeOfDay() or ftime().
Is there any system call or lower-level function to use ?

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