Linux Development Apps

hello. I’m looking to do a little development in Linux and was wondering what compiler systems are out there… or does everybody just use gcc? Any links would be appreciated.

I’m hoping to take my Windows game and get it working under Linux. OpenGL and (hopefully) OpenAL are what I’m using, along with GLUT, so it SHOULD be pretty transportable.

I’m using stormix (which is DEBIAN based) as my Linux. Dunno if that complicates things or not…

thanks for any input.

Pretty much everyone uses gcc. There’s also egcs, but it isn’t used much.

If you’re using GLUT, you should have little trouble porting over.


i really am hoping it has integrated debugging.
cause that’s really important to me.

i tried kdevelop but i dislike it’s design…

and wtf is up with forcing us to start a project with a Caps.

if you type a
it will turn it to

I use XEmacs.

Some people use Emacs.

Some people use vi.

Those are the top 3 in terms of code editing on Linux, and I’ll bet these 3 have 90-95% “market share”, for lack of a better term.

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