Linux + ATI + Heavy Z-Fighting

I’m using RedHat9 and ATI’s 2.9.13 drivers with a Radeon 8500LE.
In Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory and Americas Army in outdoor scenes I see heavy z-fighting.
Indoor scenes look absolutely okay.
This problem only occurs under linux and not under windows (I tried both games under windows).
So what I want to know does anyone else have a similiar problem ?
Also, a solution would be nice if there’s any.

America’s Army is DirectX

Wolfenstein is OpenGL

So it’s not OpenGL. I’m willing to bet 2:1 odds that it’s your Linux drivers.

I’m talking about the linux version of Americas Army which does use OGL as rendering API.
But before blaming the drivers I’d like to know if someone else does have this problem ?

Yes, AA on Linux uses OpenGL.
(shudder how could you even dare to think it’s using D3D?)

I haven’t seen any issues when I played the game a few weeks ago.
Not sure if there’s some way to increase the precision of the z-buffer in those games, if so, try doing that.
(increasing bit depth may also help)

I have some flickering in ET with teh 2.9.12 drivers