linux and windows extensions

i havent looked into extensions much, but it does seem to be different between windows an linux.

If there som universal way to do seomthing about this?

maybe something like:

//multit texture should be defined on linux already right?
if not defined multitexture
define multitexture
bind windows functions here

//use extensions all the same down later…


Why reinventing the wheel? Take one of the many libraries that do the tedious task of extension loading for openGL. Google for glux, glew, extgl, NVidias SDK,…

GLee also works on windows and linux:

All extensions are loaded automatically by calling GLeeInit().

sweet! thanks for the hints there

i’m trying out glux, but when i add it in, it comes up with 17 link errors, conflicting with other libs, as well as having unresolved symbols :-/