Linking problem

I recently installed the Nvidia 9.5 SDK because I wanted to use the VBO functionality, i.e., glGenBuffersARB, etc.

The Nvidia examples compile/link/run, but when I create my own code with glGenBuffersARB, etc. they are undefined. I’m using MS VC 7.1

I’ve tried taking an Nvidia MS VC 7.1 project and replacing their code with my code, but still I get undefined linker errors.

I assume there is a #define in a header file that I am either including or not including?

Does anybody have any hints?

Thank you

I have read that link. I got the header files in the Nvidia SDK, and the Nvidia SDK example compiles/links/runs with those header files.

apparently I need to include this at the top of one of my files.

#include <windows.h>
#include <GL/glut.h>

This fixed my linking problem, thanks.