Linking dynamically with libGLES_CM

I recently tried some C# implementation from here : … penGL%20ES
and it appears that compared to C++ Vincent implementation it generates some much faster code.
Since C# is not as fast as C++ I then realized that the C# implementation links dynamically with libGLES_CM.dll, while Vincent requires to use the libGLES_CM.dll it provides.
So I am wondering if there is some C++ wrapper working dynamically with any libGLES_CM.dll version.

I’ve made a custom OpenGL ES 1.x SDK for Windows Mobile 6 (just a bunch of .lib plus headers from Khronos Group, not a big deal).

Link your program against the provided .lib and you will be able to use EGL and OpenGL ES function directly. But your target must have the OpenGL DLLs otherwise your program will failed to load.
Tested on HTC Touch HD and Toshiba TG01.

Windows Mobile 6 OpenGL ES 1.x SDK

As reported here:

Instead of statically linked against libGLES*.lib, which can fail at runtime if the associated DLL is not here, I suggest to use a dynamic loader like the one used in San Angeles Demo you can find in the OpenGL ES example section.


hey ydroneaud

Can you please tell me where can I get the dll relative to Opengl ES for WinCE.


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