Linking: Contains glClientActiveTexture?

I’m trying to build a library which uses opengl. Apparently, it can’t find glClientActiveTexture. Using my mesa gl build, i replaced the system32 dll with its opengl32.dll and linked the linker to the opengl32.lib. I still got an error. Using dumpbin to view exports, i found that there were similar exported functions in opengl32.lib, namely

I can’t use these, because its not in the .h file. So i guess i’m asking where can i find an opengl32 binary which will have this function?


Linking dynamic library: bin\Debug\clutter_d.dll
Creating library file: bin\Debug\libclutter_d.a
obj\Debug\clutter\cogl\common\cogl.o: In function `cogl_begin_gl':
C:/Prog/clutter-0.9.8/clutter/cogl/common/cogl.c:831: undefined reference to `glClientActiveTexture'
obj\Debug\clutter\cogl\gl\cogl-primitives.o: In function `cogl_add_path_to_stencil_buffer':
C:/Prog/clutter-0.9.8/clutter/cogl/gl/cogl-primitives.c:175: undefined reference to `glClientActiveTexture'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

What card do you have? Usually vendor drivers just get this stuff right, at least on Linux.

Can’t help you much with Windows-isms, but here’s the standard preamble to pull in GL function prototypes:

#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/glu.h>

See what you get. Failing that, try sticking this up at the top of the file you’re trying to compile that references glClientActiveTexture. Assuming a C++ compiler:

extern "C" {
void glClientActiveTexture (unsigned);

See if you can coax it to compile try make it try the link. If it does, you’ve prob got a good GL lib, but not including headers right or they’re not installed properly.

Didn’t work. Actually, the header has the function in it. It’s just that for some reason it can’t find it in the opengl32.lib. Actually, I built mesagl and used that opengl32.lib and dll. I did this because the libopengl32.a that came with mingw didn’t have the function in it, i think. Then again, the only reason i think it didn’t have the required function was because it refused to link. Any other ideas?

Look at this link and especially the paragraph 4.1.1:

See if you have done it correctly. You may also use extension loading libraries like glew or glee:

Thx. i finally go it to build. Actually, it was a stupid mistake on my part. First, i hadn’t put the appropriate includes for mesa gl in the mingw directory and then i hadn’t linked to the opengl32.lib file in the correct order.