Linker Errors GLUT

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum I am Brazilian, so do not be afraid of spelling errors (ahaha)
Well … straight to the point.
I have a problem running any GLUT application. I am using Dev C + + 5.0 (

this using the example application that creates Dev C when a project is created, by the way

i’ve tried to post the errors here in this post, but my post was denied, do not know why.

I posted here a picture showing the errors in the compiler:

Thank you guys and help me please, m freaking out!

Looks like you just need to add the GLUT library to the list of libraries your application should link with. Make sure you’ve specified the correct path. Also verify that the format of the library is compatible with the application you are trying to build (e.g. don’t try to link a 32-bit GLUT library with a 64-bit application, etc.)

Thank you, could you tell where I can find the right file the glut for windows 64 bit system and where should I put it? (System32 or SysWOW64?)

Thank you

I would just leave it where FreeGLUT installs it.

Somebody in the Windows forum can probably help you out. Moving your post there.

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