If I try to launch any program with OpenGL, something like this appeared:
[LinkerError]Unresolved External ‘auxInitDisplayMode’ referenced from ‘…\file.obj’
I’m absolutely sure that all needed files are included well. I suppose it happened because I have not installed c++ builder in a default directory, what’s more, I have installed it in another phisical disc.
What’s the problem ??? (I heard it can be set some options in Builder).
Please send me the answer to

You don’t have the library included in the project. .h files are NOT libraries. If it was a pathing error, you would get an error saying “glaux.lib not found” or something to that effect. I think that there are some problems getting a glAux library for Borland, though. You don’t want to use the one for VC++ because they use different formats for their library files. Not sure where to add libraries in the project for Borland, but I think adding the following line in one of your source files works in Borland:

#pragma comment(lib, “glaux.lib”)

Do a google search on glAux and Borland and you should find a compatible library somewhere.