LINK to download OPENGL

I need a link to download opengl, I’ve done it before for medal of honor allied assault And I need to install it again. Please give me a link!

Read this:

I just need a direct link to download openGL. I dont know about my drivers and updating, my video card’s website is so disorganized and crappy. MOHAA gave me a link to download open gl and I did but I got rid of it. Now that link wont work. IS it not something you can just download anymore?

No and it never was. I guess you are referring to which is long abandoned because it simply figured out what kind of 3d card you have and downloaded the appropriate driver from the 3d card manufactureres site. That is usally not needed anymore and hence the project was discontinued approx. 3 years ago and the website went down last year or so.

What kind of 3d card do you have and what operating system? Some more details about your system would be usefull too.

How to know wich version of OGL I’m running? Independent of the driver manufacturer. (Linux question)

Open a console window and type glxinfo

I have the same problen and I have a Nvidia TNT 2 card, I have tried the latest drivers from that site but they don’t seem to work. I also downloaded the opengl file about 3 years ago for MOH:AA. Any suggestions of what I could do or what driver I should install from the Nvidia archive

how do i find out what graphics card i have, i need to download openGL , i have an hp pavillion laptop, i wanna play savage

One way to find out what graphics card you have go to “START” then to “RUN…”, type in dxdiag. then select “display” in the upper tab