LINK error

I’m doing an OpenGL game and i can’t compile my code because of a linkage error i’m getting.
The code compiled many times before and worked flawlessly, but i modified some stuff, and now its just that 1 link error.
“supfile.obj : error LNK2001 : unresolved external symbol _auxDIBImageLoadA@4”

I use a function called “auxDIBImageLoad(LPCTSTR)” and it used to work just fine. This function is in <gl\glaux.h> and i am importing it in this file.

Someone please tell me what is wrong.

of course you also imported glaux.lib (or whatever its name is) in your project, didn’t you?

BTW, AUX is notoriously outdated and unsupported. I would recommend you to use something else to handle image loading.

I did include glaux.lib, and it still doesn’t work. If I was to not use that function at all, what function is there to load a bitmap and detect the size automatically?
I just need something to load a bitmap without having me define the size of it. (i’m using it as a texture)

are you mixing C and C++ in some way? name decoration could prevent the linker from finding the function in the lib.

you could try DevIL (, or simply write your bmp loader and image resizing routine.