Link Error: unresolved external symbol _auxDIBImageLoadA@4

Could anyone help me please!!! I am pretty new to OpenGL and while I am getting general concepts of OpenGL certain things like Link errors are just absolutely confusing to me. I am trying to load an image and use it as a texture. First of all…Does anyone know an easy way of doing tha???
And secondly… I actually kind of had something working there yesterday (as in an image was loaded in and while it was not properly displayed at least I could see that the image had been applied as a texture) And now today all of a sudden i am getting this Link error. I have gotten it a few times before and I just have no idea what it means whatsoever. Can anyone please spare a few minutes and explain it to me? Thanks!! I made the mistake maybe of simply opening the .cpp file and creating a default workspace which I think overrid the one I had. I am using Mircosoft C++. :confused:


a very easy way of managing textures would be using a simple graphics format like TGA (see wotsit for the format description). a loader for an uncompressed tga image is just about 20 lines.

“unresolved external symbol” means that you included the right header files and the compiler didn’t find an error in your source, but a library is missing for the linker, in your case the library which contains a function called auxDIBImageLoad.

To solve the linking error, add the following command line at the beginning of your source code–Under the included headers.

#pragma comment( lib, “glaux.lib” )


Thank you for your help!

I will try the tga format, and research that a bit more. Als thank you for the tip about the glaux.lib…it was a great help!

Hello. I’m a begginer in OpenGl, but as I no you should connect the “glaux.lib” in to your project using Project->Properties->Linker->CommandLine.