Lightwave LWO object format + Endomorphs

This might be a bit off topic, I apologize. But I cant find any better forum.

Does anyone know how endomorphs work, and how I can use them in OpenGL. They are stored in LWO files, but I cant find any info or anything about how they work and how they are stored.

Anyone, please point me in the right direction or submit info here.

Well, you could try


you could take a look at the LW SDK page which contains the ‘official’ LWO file format description :

Thx you guys…

I found out that it stores “vertex displacement deltas” for each vertex in a vertex-map. But what is that, is there any good theory for morphing out there.

What I want to do is: load an LWO in lightwave and have a custom ‘morph-mixer’ in my code to do real-time facial animation and stuff.

sorry… last mess wrong

load in OpenGL / c++ code
(NOT in lightwave, that is no problem obviously