Lightwave 7.0 problem.. HELP!!

I’ve Lightwave. It’s great 3d program but…

…3d run slow!!!
After I use more than 10.000 poligon 3d window run very slow!!

I’ve a GeForce MX400 (Abit Siluro) and the DetonatorXP 22.80

p3 450
mainboard Abit with Intel 440BX chipset
512 mb Ram

…please! I don’t think it’s the system…but OR the openGl driver OR my 3d card!!

I’m so sad because in wireframe mode I can have more than 10.000 poligon and the program run very fast…but if I use a kind of shading (smooth or flat) my 3d view die, and the frame rate it’s so poor…


I don’t know lightwave, so I have no idea if it takes advantage of 3D acceleration by default. Perhaps you could look for acceleration options. Sounds to me like you don’t get acceleration.

Yes, LW use by default OpenGL acceleration and detect it using any 3d card. If the 3d card is old (like a TNT 1) 3d view run slow…but run.
I’ve a GeForce MX400 …and the card is all but not old! And only with shading active I see a very poor refresh…if I see my 3d objects by wireframe mode I see all the power of GPU…


Any chance that using textures speeds things up?


As I said, I don’t know Lightwave. Ray Dream Studio had quite a few settings. Are there settings above those you’re trying to use, that may be hardware accelerated?

What I’d really suggest is for you to ask at a Lightwave forum, not an OpenGL forum.

Sorry, but if I use this forum it’s because LW forum say me the same…

“go to the OpenGL forum”

Sorry about that. As I say, I don’t know Lightwave, and probably nobody else here does.

Still, let’s try it some other way – do you have any other OpenGL accelerated program that does work? That should tell you at least if it’s a general OpenGL problem or a Lightwave problem.

Don’t worry!

I tried only games accelerated by OpenGl…based on Quake 2/3 engine (the best GLtest!!)
The card is powerful…it’s all smooth and complex in geometry…


…the screen work in a strange way, like If Vsync should be disabled! But…it’s enabled!!
The upper part of the screen is not sinchronized with the rest…
…ehi!!! It’s the openGl and NOT LW!!!
AAHH! How can I solve it???

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