My card (some kind of S3) dont support multitexturing, but im creating cool game, and i wanna make cool maps. But without lightmaps it will look crap. What i should to do , ppl? (BTW i can play q2 with lightmaps, so should be some kind of solution)…

You have two textures, the lightmap and your base texture. You could render in two passes, first pass with the lightmap texture, and second pass with the base texture using a blend function (i.e. glBlendFunc(GL_ZERO, GL_SRC_COLOR)). Remember just before first pass to call glBindTexture with your lightmap, and just before second pass call glBindTexture with your base texture. And don’t forget to enable and disable GL_BLEND at the right places. That’s one way.

rebind with another texture? Do i need to create another polygon to do second pass?

Well, you have to draw your polygon(s) again on second pass. Let’s say you have compiled your polygon drawing into a display list called iDraw. Then your code should look something like this:

glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, iLightMap);
glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, iBaseTexture);

That’s it.