lightmaping and volumetric shadows

is it possible to combine the two?
cause i was thinking, the shadows that the stencil buffer shadows algorithm produces, are not black poly’s, they just places that weren’t renderd with light, so if the simulated in the texture, how can the shadows be produced?, am i right, or am i just confused?

Yes, you can do both – but not for the same
light. You have to, for each light, decide
whether it’s better as a light-mapped light,
or better as a shadow volume light. If the
light will move, or there’s a high likelihood
of significant dynamic obscuration, then
going volumetric might make sense.

hmm, a pretty tought decision. but if i will use simple dynamic lights, wont it look too unreal?, i must admit that opengl lights are something i havent tried in-depth yet, i guess i should just try, and see the results.