Lighting turns textures pure white.

Hi, I am populating a lighting array. The light shines on the board correctly but,
is very white. It appears to diffuse correctly and the colors are correct.
Any ideas as to why the light turns the textures almost pure white. It
stays the same when I change the intensity via .1, .1, .1 while .7, .1, .1 will
make it green.

Hi… I’m having the same problem too - with some example.
I guess, its got something to do with my old graphic card (9600xt). I’m still looking what causes it.

I am having difficulty properly calculating the lighting coords
for some irregular quads (Corners bent up.) How are the four
points supposed to correlate with the four vertex coords?
The tutorial deals with 0, 0, 1 which is not a in-depth example.

Could you post some examples of the code (shader/vertex attributes) that you’re using? That might help people advise on what’s going wrong.