lighting question

I have a terrain model which contains a couple of buildings. I want to add a light source where all visible sides of the building, no matter what angle I’m looking at it from, are lit equally. How do I do that?

Are your normals correct?

They seem to be. I have a list of triangles that I just loop through, calculate the normal for each & then draw it.
My initial camera position is at 0, 15, 10 with an up vector of 0, 0, 1.
A light position of 25, 20, 75, 0 is what I’m using right now. As I rotate around, the building sides look fine when they’re directly hit by the light. When they move out of the light they look black.

Could have four lights that shine on each side of the building.

Or one light at the cameras poisiton and move it all with your camera.