Lighting Problem when running a release build

I have a really crazy problem with lighting in my engine.
When I run a debug or release build in visual studio with F5-Key, the debugger also runs in background and then I think also some debug dll’s of OpenGL will be loaded.
Everything is fine, but if I try to run my application with a doubleclick at the binary file, lighting will completely not work at all.
Up to now I observed this behaviour in nearly every application, which I wrote in C++/OpenGL but I do not know why, because I’m really sure that there is no error in the code.

Is is possible that this is a bug?
I’m using Win7, but I also tried it on a WinXP-PC with the same result.
Some time ago I heared that the Windows OpenGL libraries are really old versions and also not free of bugs, but I do not know whether this is right or not.

Greetings Andy

Solved my problem.
Here is a Link to the topic, which helped me to search at the right place in the code:

And remember: Always try to give all variables default startup values (it’s a good coding practice anyway) :slight_smile:


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