Lighting and Texturing

Does lighting affect texturing? That is the same way as rendered polygons. I have not used texturing at all but I was curious if it would fit in with the lighting model and generate the correct shades (bright facing the light and dark facing away from the light).

If I read that correctly, lighting results are generated before the texture environments and act as an input to that. The secondary color that can also come out of lighting (ie specular component) gets added after texture application (that’s called color sum in the spec). So it should run just fine.

You have to remember though that you will have problems when combining single-pass multitexturing, or alpha blending multi-pass multitexturing with lighting. Unless i am mistaken you will not be able to use the OpenGL lighting model with those forms of texturing. Well, at least it doesnt work for me, maybe you can get around it somehow…